February 8, 2020

Places to go in Japan


Ken Ueda

  1. Explore the Tsukiji and Toyosu Fish MarketsTokyo's bustling fish markets kick off bright and early at 4 am, offering a glimpse into the frenetic world of the largest tuna market on the globe. While Tsukiji historically hosted this market, since 2018, the inner fish market has relocated to Toyosu, now known as the Toyosu Fish Market. However, the outer market, brimming with food stalls and shops, remains at Tsukiji. Join a guided tour to delve into the market's storied past, witness its bustling operations, and perhaps even master the art of sushi rolling in a workshop. With shops opening around 6 am, it's an ideal stop for those battling jetlag.
  2. Immerse Yourself in Kyoto's Gion DistrictVenture into the enchanting realm of Kyoto's Gion District, also known as the Geisha District, where centuries-old architecture and captivating charm await. Stroll through narrow alleys lined with historic buildings, offering ample opportunities for leisurely window shopping. With a bit of luck, you may catch a glimpse of geishas on their way to or from social engagements, although photography is strictly prohibited to respect their privacy. Consider joining a nighttime walking tour to deepen your exploration of this iconic neighborhood.
  3. Discover Nara's Natural WondersJust an hour's journey from Kyoto lies Nara, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and iconic wildlife. Home to approximately 1,300 "wild" deer, Nara Park invites visitors to interact with these revered animals, considered messengers of the gods in Japanese culture. Purchase crackers from nearby vendors to feed the deer by hand, immersing yourself in this unique experience. While in Nara, don't miss the awe-inspiring Todai-ji temple, boasting the world's largest wooden building, dating back to the eighth century and meticulously reconstructed in the 1700s. Consider extending your stay to fully explore this charming city beyond a mere day trip from Kyoto.
  4. Experience the Vibrancy of OsakaAs Japan's third-largest city and financial epicenter, Osaka entices visitors with its vibrant culinary scene and rich cultural heritage. Indulge your taste buds in a plethora of delectable delights, from mouthwatering sushi and sashimi to succulent Kobe beef and savory okonomiyaki. Embark on a food tour to savor the city's culinary treasures or simply wander its bustling streets in search of gastronomic adventures. Beyond its culinary offerings, Osaka boasts the impressive Osaka Castle, though not the original, dating back to 1931. Explore its insightful museum and ascend to the observation deck for panoramic views of the cityscape, ensuring a memorable visit to Osaka.

Ken Ueda

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